The MOSA Cup is only open to teams that play in MOSA. 


All games must be played by Saturday of each scheduled week with the first Saturday being 10/2/21.  All games, except the finals, will be played at the home team’s field.  The finals will be held at a central location.on 11/13/21.

The teams will split the referee fees for each game.

There are no protests allowed for any match. 

MOSA rules will be followed except if the game ends in a tie.  Should the game be tied at the end of regulation time the match will go to kicks from the penalty mark. 

Prior to taking kicks from the penalty mark

** Please note, for all 7v7 games, 1 coach from each team may stand on the field with his/her team during penalty kicks.

·         Only players on the field at the end of regular play will be eligible to participate in kicks from the mark.

o   If the teams are of unequal numbers, the team with more eligible players must “reduce to equate.”

o   Coaches, trainers and substitutes are not allowed on the field during the taking of the kicks.

·         The referee shall determine which end of the field will be used

·         The referee shall conduct a coin toss and the winner chooses which team will kick first

·         At the end of a five-minute break time the kicks will commence

During kicks for the penalty mark (from the first kick onward)

·         A foul cannot be committed, but an appropriate card can be shown for misconduct

·         A caution issued during regular play is counted in causing a send-off if a second caution is given during kicks from the mark.

·         A player who is sent off or is injured and unable to continue will reduce the team’s pool of eligible players but the opposing team will not further “reduce to equate.”

·         Substitutions are not permitted

o   However, an injured goalkeeper may be substituted.

o   If the goalkeeper had kicked before being replaced, the goalkeeper’s substitution from off the field is considered also to have kicked.

o   No eligible player will be permitted to kick more than once in the same round of the player’s team

o   The goalkeeper may change places with an eligible teammate at any time provided the requirements of Law 3 are met

·         Kicks from the mark are conducted in accordance with the requirements and procedures in Law 14

o   However, once the ball is in play, the kicker may not play the ball again in any way (including if the ball rebounds from the goalkeeper, the crossbar, or a goalpost)

o   A goal is scored by a kick from the mark only if it meets the requirements of Law 10

o   If the kicker violates Law 14 and a goal is scored or if the goalkeeper violates Law 14 and a goal is not scored, the kick must be retaken

o   If, as a result of a violation, the kick must be repeated, it may be taken by a different eligible player

§  The other eligible player must not have kicked already in the same round

§  The original kicker whose kick is retaken by a different eligible player is not counted as having taken a kick

Initial group of 5 kicks from the mark

·         Kicks from the mark are conducted in pairs, one from each team, for an initial round of up to five pairs

·         Kicks from the mark are stopped and one team is declared the winner if that team has scored more goals than the other team and the number of kicks remaining for the otherteam is insufficient to make up the difference (e.g. 3-0 after three rounds – the team with 0 cannot make up the difference since only two kicks remain)

·         Kicks from the mark proceed past the initial round of five only if, after five kicks by each team, the score is still tied.

Initial round of all eligible players

·         Past the initial group of five, kicks from the mark proceed only in single pairs

·         At this point, kicks from the mark are stopped and one team is declared the winner if that team has scored in its pair but the other team has not

·         If kicks from the mark proceed beyond all eligible players into a second or subsequent round, players are not required to kick in the same order as in any previous round.

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