The Pennsylvania Regional Club League (PRCL), with clubs spanning eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey, is a member of the National Premier Leagues. The league will offer two levels of play for 9-U through 19-U boys and girls teams with top divisions of 13-U and older age groups participating in the NPL pathway. The Pennsylvania Regional Club League was created to form a regional environment focused on player development. A list of the founding clubs will be announced soon. The youngest age groups – 9-U through 14-U – will play a 16-game season split between the fall and the spring, while the older NPL divisions play 12 games from November to May. Calendars are designed to include off weekends for tournament and showcase play. As an NPL member league, the Pennsylvania Regional Club League enjoys a pathway to NPL postseason opportunities for both its boys and girls clubs. At the end of the 2020-21 regular season, top performing teams will advance to the 2021 NPL postseason to compete for ENPL national championships on the boys side and the NPL Finals on the girls side.

Boys U12 - U12 Premier

Bracket A
Team Name 2009 Boys Blue - Keys Reading Rage '09 Salah PA Classics Elite Blue 09 M STN NorthPenn B09 Dragons B09 QE Gold Points Final
2009 Boys Blue - Keys - - - - 2-2 3
Reading Rage '09 Salah - - - - - 0
PA Classics Elite Blue 09 M - - - - - 4
STN NorthPenn B09 - - - - 3-3 4
Dragons B09 - - - - - 2
QE Gold 2-2 - - 3-3 - 3