This is a USYS / EPYS Sanctioned League. This league cup qualifies your team for the state cups. The U15-U19 Boys and Girls League will begin in November of 2020 and continue through June of 2021. This will be a cup qualifying league (USYS / EPYS). Each team will play a minimum of 7 games.


Name Gender Age Division Bracket
PA Rush 2004 Rush Boys Male U17 U17M First Division Bracket A

Club Contact Information

Title Name Email/UserID Phone
Amero, Blake 2152087497
Durie, Jameson 2155884319
Registrar Kempner, Lisa 2673075859
Kempner, Lisa 2673075859
President Okoniewski, Luka 3036416887
Board Member Park, Alexis 2152845112
Field/Scheduling Coordinator Seemuller, Christian 8564653591
Board Member Snavely, Mark 2156309582
yugeswardeenoo, Dharunish 7323184813