The USYS Great Lakes Conference is one of 13 Conferences under the US Youth Soccer National League in the Multi-State Tier. The Great Lakes Conference consists of teams primarily from New York West, Pennsylvania West, West Virginia, Ohio North, Ohio South, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Kentucky. The top teams in the Conference will earn advancement to the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships, part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series. Great Lakes Conference teams also have a pathway to participate in the new National League Showcase Series.

B13U Premier I

B13U Premier II

B13U First Division Blue
B14U Premier I

B14U Premier II

B14U First Division Blue

B14U First Division White
B15U Club vs. Club

B15U Premier I

B15U Premier II

B15U First Division Blue
B16U Club vs. Club

B16U Premier I

B16U Premier II

B16U First Division Blue

B16U First Division White
B17U Club vs. Club

B17U Premier I

B17U Premier II

B17U First Division Blue

B17U First Division White
B18U Club vs. Club

B18U Premier I

B18U Premier II

B18U First Division Blue
B19U Club vs. Club

B19U Premier I

B19U First Division Blue

G13U Premier I

G13U Premier II

G13U First Division Blue
G14U Premier I

G14U Premier II

G14U First Division Blue
G15U Club vs. Club

G15U Premier I

G15U Premier II

G15U First Division Blue
G16U Club vs. Club

G16U Premier I

G16U Premier II

G16U First Division Blue

G16U First Division White
G17U Club vs. Club

G17U Premier I

G17U Premier II

G17U First Division Blue
G18U Club vs. Club

G18U Premier I

G18U Premier II

G18U First Division Blue
G19U Premier I

G19U First Division Blue
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