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U9 Male B-1

U9 Male B-2

U9 Male (2013-1)

U9 Male (2013-2)
U10 Male A

U10 Male B-1

U10 Male B-2

U10 Male B-3
U11 Male B-1

U11 Male B-2

U11 Male B-3

U11 Male (2011s)
U12 Male A

U12 Male B-1

U12 Male B-2
U13 Male A

U13 Male B-1

U13 Male B-2

U13 Male (2009s)
U14 Male A

U14 Male B-1

U14 Male B-2

U14 Male B-3
U15 Male A

U15 Male B-1

U15 Male B-2
U16 Male A

U16 Male B-1
U17/U18 HS Male
U17/18/U19 HS Male

U9 Female B-1

U9 Female B-2

U9 Female (2013-1)

U9 Female (2013-2)
U10 Female A

U10 Female B-1

U10 Female B-2
U11 Female A

U11 Female B-1

U11 Female B-2

U11 Female B-3

U11 Female (2011-1)

U11 Female (2011-2)
U12 Female B-1

U12 Female B-2

U12 Female B-3
U13 Female A

U13 Female B-1

U13 Female B-2

U13 Female B-3

U13 Female (2009-1)

U13 Female (2009-2)
U14 Female A

U14 Female B-1

U14 Female B-2
U15 Female A

U15 Female B-2
U16 Female A

U15/U16 Female B-1
U17 Female A

U16/U17 Female B-1
U17/U18 Female
U18/U19 Female
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22 Oct 16:10:51