Eastern Pennsylvania 2020/2021 9U-19U Challenge Cup

The Eastern Pennsylvania Challenge Cup is an open competition that draws teams that wish to participate in an Eastern Pennsylvania-wide competition which crowns an Eastern Pennsylvania Champion. The Eastern Pennsylvania Challenge Cup is for 9U to 18U/19 boys and girls.

Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer will be offering two divisions of play for the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Challege Cup in the 9U to 11U age groups ("A" = most competitive, "B" = competitive).

9U - 11U will have "A" and "B" levels of competition

12U - 18U/19 will have only one level of competition

The Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Challenge Cup competition ends at the state level. There are no regional or national stages for the Challege Cup.

The first team listed on the schedule is the Home Team, the bottom team is Away.

9U Boys A Flight

9U Boys B Flight
10U Boys A Flight

10U Boys B Flight
11U Boys A Flight

11U Boys B Flight
12U Boys Flight
13U Boys Flight
14U Boys Flight
15U Boys Flight
16U Boys Flight
17U Boys Flight
18U Boys Flight

9U Girls A Flight

9U Girls B Flight
10U Girls A Flight

10U Girls B Flight
11U Girls A Flight

11U Girls B Flight
12U Girls Flight
13U Girls Flight
14U Girls Flight
15U Girls Flight
16U Girls Flight
17U Girls Flight
18U Girls Flight
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