The National Cup is US Club Soccer’s cup-based championship series. U-13 through U-18/U-19 teams from qualifying state cups and the 6 National Cup Regionals advance to National Cup Finals.

  • Event Name: 2021 National Cup XX South Central Regional
  • Event Dates: June 11-14, 2021
  • Event Location: Mowawk Sports Complex (3500 E 56th St N, Tulsa, OK)
  • Event Age Groups: U-13 through U-18/U-19

Boys U-13 Super Division

Boys U-13 Premier Division
Boys U-14 Division
Boys U-15 Super Division

Boys U-15 Premier Division
Boys U-16 Super Division

Boys U-16 Premier Division
Boys U-17 Super Division

Boys U-17 Premier Division
Boys U-19 Super Division

Boys U-19 Premier Division

Girls U-13 Super Division

Girls U-13 Premier Division
Girls U-14 Division
Girls U-15 Super Group

Girls U-15 Premier Division
Girls U-16 Super Division

Girls U-16 Premier Division
Girls U-17 Division
Girls U-19 Division
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