Coaches and Team Managers:
Hotel room blocks have already been set up for those teams that will be advancing to the next round after Sunday’s games. Teams are required to stay in these hotels and will be assigned to these hotels by Traveling Teams Inc who is on site at the Creve Coeur complex. Please visit the Traveling Teams tent that will be set up in the middle of the complex after your team has completed its last game to receive your hotel information for Sunday through finals. Traveling Teams will be transferring your reservation info to the new hotel that you will be staying in for the next round for you to be able to check in. Teams who do not comply shall be subject to a fine of $1,000 per team not using said rooms. Those teams may also lose eligibility to participate in event.


The weather forecast in St. Louis is showing the potential for thunderstorms during the Midwest Regional Championships. Event staff will be constantly monitoring weather conditions and will follow any local requirements as well as established US Youth Soccer weather protocols. Airhorns will be used to notify play has been suspended. Take shelter in your cars and wait for further notifications.

Any event-wide delays or other mass-notifications will be distributed using the following communication methods:

1. Through your State Rep

2. In our event just under our logo in GotSport (RIGHT HERE)

3. Via SMS messaging for those who have subscribed (no cost to event participants):

     Text MWNCS to 84483 to receive Midwest Regional Championships alerts from US Youth Soccer


Temperatures are projected to be in the upper 80s and lower 90s this weekend. All matches are scheduled on artificial turf, which can increase the temperature on the field. We will be monitoring the heat index and add water breaks when necessary. We encourage all participants to stay hydrated during the heat/high temperatures. Teams are responsible for their own hydration needs. We will NOT be providing water coolers on the benches, as in the past. 
18 Oct 06:13:44