The Snake River League is owned and run by BYSL with direction and support from the Idaho Youth Soccer Association and participation from affiliate clubs from the D2 and D4 districts in the state of Idaho.

U-10 BOYS-1

U-10 BOYS-2

U-10 BOYS-3
U-12 BOYS-1

U-12 BOYS-2

U-12 BOYS-3
U-14 BOYS-1

U-14 BOYS-2

U-14 BOYS-3
U-16 BOYS-1

U-16 BOYS-2

U-16 BOYS-3
U-19 BOYS-1

U-19 BOYS - 2

U-10 GIRLS-1

U-10 GIRLS-2
U-12 GIRLS-1

U-12 GIRLS-2
U-14 GIRLS-1

U-14 GIRLS-2

U-14 GIRLS-3
U-16 GIRLS-1

U-16 GIRLS-2
U-19 Girls-1

U-19 Girls-2
A-637 v1 (14117)