Welcome to the 2021-2022 Arizona Premier League (APL) and Arizona State League (ASL1, ASL2) registration. APL & ASL teams will receive one blackout date (weekend) for the FALL Season (September - December). APL and ASL teams 12U-14U will get a second blackout date to be used in January - March 2022. Teams will be communicated to in November to add their blackout dates for the 2nd half of the season. There may be mandatory play dates (black out dates can not be used on these dates) that will be published on the web page. Please refer to the Arizona Advanced Leagues page on the ASA website for this information.

Note: Please set your GotSport profile account settings to the Arizona Time Zone. 

Southern Arizona Soccer Club SASC 07 Cardinals Pacheco Contact Information

Coach: Jaime Pacheco saizaguila@gmail.com 5203122633
Coach: Ethaniel Bennett canyonwestremod@gmail.com 5629912424
Coach: Travis Voirin travis.voirin@gmail.com 5209756589
Coach: Luis Gutierrez choriz12@aol.com 5209711194