Welcome to the 2021-2022 Arizona Premier League (APL) and Arizona State League (ASL1, ASL2) registration. APL & ASL teams will receive one blackout date (weekend) for the FALL Season (September - December). APL and ASL teams 12U-14U will get a second blackout date to be used in January - March 2022. Teams will be communicated to in November to add their blackout dates for the 2nd half of the season. There may be mandatory play dates (black out dates can not be used on these dates) that will be published on the web page. Please refer to the Arizona Advanced Leagues page on the ASA website for this information.

Note: Please set your GotSport profile account settings to the Arizona Time Zone. 

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Reach 11 (ASA)

  • 2425 E. Deer Valley Rd
  • Phoenix, AZ, US

November 2021

Friday, November 19, 2021

Match # 2092

11/19/21 6:00PM MST – 7:30PM MST

Team Score
G.Y.S.A. GYSA UNITED 2010 Girls Stars (H) 8
Phoenix Rising Youth Soccer PRFC Scottsdale 10G Young (A) 2
Reach 11 (ASA) - #10A

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Match # 1942

11/20/21 8:30AM MST – 10:00AM MST

Team Score
AZFC Select 10B Elite (H) 4
RSL-AZ North 11 Boys Fresquez (A) 6
Reach 11 (ASA) - #10A
Match # 2121

11/20/21 10:00AM MST – 11:30AM MST

Team Score
RSL-AZ North 10 Girls Wright (H) 3
Reach 11 (ASA) - #10A
Match # 1924

11/20/21 11:30AM MST – 1:00PM MST

Team Score
Phoenix Rising North Valley PRFC North Valley 11B Tomasevic (H) 0
RSL-AZ South 10 Boys JDeutsch (A) 5
Reach 11 (ASA) - #10A
Match # 1974

11/20/21 1:00PM MST – 2:30PM MST

Team Score
FC Tucson Youth Soccer 10 Boys Black 1 (H) 6
Futbolito Bimbo Soccer League Legends FC AZ 2010B (A) 1
Reach 11 (ASA) - #10A
06 Dec 01:03:20