Northwest Conference 2021-2022 (Club vs. Club)

The US Youth Soccer Northwest Conference is one of 13 Conferences under the US Youth Soccer Leagues Program in the Multi-State Tier. The Northwest Conference consists of teams primarily from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii. The top teams in the Conference will earn advancement to the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships, part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series, as well as a chance to earn a coveted spot in the National Tier of the Leagues Program, the US Youth Soccer National Showcase.

This schedule is for the Club vs. Club Divsions. To view the schedule for the Team vs. Team Divisions, click here.

La Roca FC La Roca P Ovalle 2009 Girls Contact Information

Coach: Francisco Ovalle
Coach: Felipe Diaz 8014992256
Coach: Jason Sederholm
Coach: Ariel Bravo 8016861068
Manager: Carolyn Taylor 8012019797
Manager: Michelle Anderson 8015293886