The 2021 Nona Soccer Cup, hosted by Nona Soccer Academy, will be played November 19-21, 2021 and will provide teams with a great pre-holiday tournament.   Teams are expected from across Florida & Southeast United States. Gold, Silver & Bronze divisions will be offered for U9 through U19 teams.  Don't miss out on the Nona Soccer Cup. 

Boys U9 Gold

Boys U9 Silver

Boys U9 Bronze
Boys U10 Gold

BU10 Silver

BU10 Bronze-A

BU10 Bronze-B
Boys U11 Silver

Boys U11 Bronze
Boys U12 Gold

Boys U12 Silver

Boys U12 Bronze-A

Boys U12 Bronze-B
Boys U13 Gold

Boys U13 Silver

Boys U13 Bronze-A

Boys U13 Bronze-B
Boys U14 Gold

Boys U14 Silver

Boys U14 Bronze-A

Boys U14 Bronze-B
Boys U15 Gold

Boys U15 Silver

Boys U15 Bronze
Boys U16 Gold

Boys U16 Silver

Boys U16 Bronze
Boys U17 Gold

Boys U17 Bronze
Boys U19 Gold

Boys U19 Silver

Girls U12 Silver

Girls U12 Bronze
Girls U13 Silver

Girls U13 Bronze
Girls U15/U16 Gold
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