The 2021 Austin Labor Day Cup is an excellent opportunity for U9-U19 girls & boys teams to prepare for their various fall competitions. As a “tune-up” for the fall season and the start to a new soccer season, this will be your chance to evaluate new players and teams against stiff competition in the largest soccer tournament in Austin and the Central Texas area.

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Welcome to Championship Monday! Congratulations.

A few items to note:

The first team listed on the game is the home team (wears a dark uniform)

Team sidelines, remember your team and spectators sit on the same side of the sideline.

Following the game send one representative to HQ at your site to pick up your teams awards. (Champions and Finalist)

OSP - White tent close to concession stand

NEMP - Octagon Shelter by restrooms and concessions

RRMC - The walkway between the grass and turf quad for fields 3-10 Fields 1-2 close to the north gate of the park.

Congratulations and Good Luck

U9/U10B adidas Tango (7v7)

U9/U10B adidas Copa (7v7/Cross-Bracket)
U11B adidas Tango (9v9)

U11B adidas Copa A (9v9)

U11B adidas Copa B (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U11B adidas Samba A (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U11B adidas Samba B (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U11B adidas Mundial A (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U11B adidas Mundial B (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U11B adidas Azteca (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U11B adidas Jabulani (9v9/Cross-Bracket)
U12B adidas Tango A (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U12B adidas Tango B (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U12B adidas Copa A (9v9 CHAMPION BY POINTS)

U12B adidas Copa B (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U12B adidas Samba (9v9)

U12B adidas Mundial A (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U12B adidas Mundial B (9v9) CHAMPIONS BY POINTS

U12B adidas Mundial C (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U12B adidas Azteca (9v9/Cross-Bracket)
U13B adidas Tango

U13B adidas Copa A (Cross-Bracket)

U13B adidas Copa B

U13B adidas Samba A (Cross-Bracket)

U13B adidas Samba B

U13B adidas Mundial A (Cross-Bracket)

U13B adidas Mundial B
U14B adidas Tango

U14B adidas Copa A (Cross-Bracket)

U14B adidas Copa B

U14B adidas Samba A (Cross-Bracket)

U14B adidas Samba B

U14B adidas Mundial
U15B adidas Tango (Cross-Bracket)

U15B adidas Copa A

U15B adidas Copa B

U15B adidas Samba A

U15B adidas Samba B
U16B adidas Tango (Cross-Bracket)

U16B adidas Copa

U16B adidas Samba

U16B adidas Mundial (Cross-Bracket)
U17B adidas Tango (Cross-Bracket)

U17B adidas Copa (Cross-Bracket)

U17B adidas Samba

U17B adidas Mundial
U19B adidas Tango (Cross-Bracket)

U19B adidas Copa

U19B adidas Samba

U10G adidas Copa (7v7/Cross-Bracket)

U9/U10G adidas Samba (7v7) CHAMPION BY POINTS
U11G Futures (9v9)

U11G adidas Tango (9v9)

U11G adidas Copa (9v9)

U11G adidas Samba (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U11G adidas Mundial (9v9)

U11G Azteca (9v9/Cross-Bracket)
U12G Futures (11v11)

U12G adidas Tango (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U12G adidas Copa (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U12G adidas Samba (9v9/Cross-Bracket)

U12G Azteca (9v9/Crossover)
U13G adidas Samba A (Cross-Bracket)

U13G adidas Samba B

U13G adidas Mundial A

U13G Mundial B

U13G Azteca (Cross-Bracket)
U14G adidas Copa

U14G adidas Samba

U14G adidas Mundial
U15G adidas Tango (Cross-Bracket)

U15G adidas Copa

U15G adidas Mundial
U16/U17G adidas Copa A (Cross-Bracket)

U16G adidas Copa B (Cross-Bracket)

U16G adidas Samba (Cross-Bracket)
U17G adidas Tango

U17G adidas Samba
U18/19G adidas Copa

U18/19G adidas Samba
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