Registration for ISL Fall 2021 

All team ages and divisions will be registering under the same application! 


Boys 8U North

Boys 8U Cental
Boys 10U North

Boys 10U Central
Boys 11U 2nd Blue

Boys 11U 2nd Red

Boys 11U 3rd Blue

Boys 11U 3rd Green

Boys 11U 3rd Red

Boys 11U 3rd Yellow

Boys 11U 4th Blue

Boys 11U 4th Green

Boys 11U 4th Red
Boys 12U 2nd White

Boys 12U 2nd Blue

Boys 12U 2nd/3rd Red

Boys 12U 3rd Blue

Boys 12U 3rd Green

Boys 12U 3rd Brown

Boys 12U 3rd Yellow

Boys 12U 4th Blue

Boys 12U 4th Brown

Boys 12U 4th Green

Boys 12U 4th Red

Boys 12U 4th Yellow

Boys 12U 4th Orange

Boys 12U 4th Grey
Boys 13U Premier

Boys 13U 1st

Boys 13U 2nd Blue

Boys 13U 3rd Blue

Boys 13U 3rd Green

Boys 13U 3rd Red

Boys 13U 3rd Yellow
Boys 14U Premier

Boys 14U 1st

Boys 14U 2nd Blue

Boys 14U 2nd Red

Boys 14U 3rd Blue

Boys 14U 3rd Brown

Boys 14U 3rd Green

Boys 14U 3rd Orange

Boys 14U 3rd Red

Boys 14U 3rd Yellow
Boys 15U 11v11 Blue

Boys 15U 11v11 Green

Boys 15U 11v11 Orange

Boys 15U 11v11 Red
Boys 15-19U 7v7 Blue

Boys 15-19U 7v7 Green

Girls 8U North

Girls 8U Central
Girls 9/10U North

Girls 9/10U Central
Girls 11U 2nd Blue

Girls 11U 2nd Red

Girls 11U 3rd Blue

Girls 11U 3rd Green

Girls 11U 3rd/4th Red

Girls 11U 4th Blue

Girls 11U 4th Green

Girls 11U 4th Yellow
Girls 12U 2nd White

Girls 12U 2nd Blue

Girls 12U 3rd Blue

Girls 12U 3rd Green

Girls 12U 4th Blue

Girls 12U 4th Green

Girls 12U 4th Red

Girls 12U 4th Yellow
Girls 13U Premier

Girls 13U 1st

Girls 13U 2nd Blue

Girls 13U 3rd Blue

Girls 13U 3rd Green
Girls 14U Premier

Girls 14U 1st

Girls 14U 2nd Blue

Girls 13/14U 2nd/3rd Red

Girls 14U 3rd Blue

Girls 14U 3rd Green
Girls 15U 11v11 Blue

Girls 15U 11v11 Red
Girls 15 - 19U 7v7 Blue
ISL Fall 2021 Schedule (20775)
23 Oct 10:40:38