Hosted over 230 teams in 2019.  Located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  This event will sell out so be sure to register your team today at 

District Park - FIELD MAP

PGA National - FIELD MAP

Ballpark of Palm Beaches - FIELD MAP

Mirasol Park - FIELD MAP


*In 6 team groups the top 2 teams will advance to the final regardless of which bracket. For example it could be 2 teams from Bracket A in the Final.

U9 Boys Gold

U9 Boys Silver

U9 Boys Bronze

U9 Boys Futures
U10 Boys Gold

U10 Boys Silver

U10 Boys Bronze
U11 Boys Gold

U11 Boys Silver

U11 Boys Bronze
U12 Boys Gold

U12 Boys Silver

U12 Boys Bronze (Blue)

U12 Boys Bronze (Orange)
U13 Boys Gold

U13 Boys Silver

U13 Boys Bronze
U14 Boys Gold

U14 Boys Bronze (Blue)

U14 Boys Bronze (Orange)
U15 Boys Gold

U15 Boys Silver

U15 Boys Bronze
U16 Boys Gold

U16 Boys Silver
U17 Boys Gold

U17 Boys Silver

U10 Girls Gold

U10 Girls Silver
U11 Girls Gold

U11 Girls Silver
U14 Girls Gold/Silver

U14 Girls Bronze
High School Girls Silver

High School Girls Bronze
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