The California Competitive Soccer League (CCSL) is the competitive playing league operating under the Cal North Soccer Association (CalNorth). The league consists of multiple levels of competition including gold, silver, and bronze level of play. Teams are grouped by their team level and geography to minimize travel. CCSL is for competitive boys and girls teams in northern California for ages U8-19. There is a separate Fall and Spring league registration.

Boys U9 Bronze A

Boys U9 Bronze B
Boys U10 Gold/Silver

Boys U10 Bronze A

Boys U10 Bronze B

Boys U10 Bronze C

Boys U10 Bronze D
Boys U11 Gold/Silver A

Boys U11 Gold/Silver B

Boys U11 Bronze A

Boys U11 Bronze B
Boys U12 Gold

Boys U12 Silver

Boys U12 Bronze A

Boys U12 Bronze B
Boys U13 Gold/Silver

Boys U13 Bronze
Boys U14 Gold

Boys U14 Silver

Boys U14 Bronze
Boys U15 Gold/Silver

Boys U15 Bronze
Boys U16 Gold/Silver

Boys U16 Bronze
Boys U17 Gold/Silver
Boys U18/19 Gold

Girls U9 Bronze
Girls U10 Bronze
Girls U11 Gold/Silver

Girls U11 Bronze A

Girls U11 Bronze B
Girls U12 Bronze A

Girls U12 Bronze B
Girls U13 Bronze
Girls U13/14 Gold/Silver

Girls U14 Bronze
Girls U15 Silver

Girls U15 Bronze
Girls U16 Silver

Girls U16 Bronze
Girls U17 Silver
Girls U18/19 Gold/Silver

Girls U18/19 Bronze
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