*12/22 Showcase Schedules are considered final.

*Boise schedules are not finalized.

*Please make sure to scroll to the bottom of your individual schedule to view any friendlies scheduled for the weekend.

Those 9/10U teams looking to play in Boise, ID should notify the league by February 18.


Name Gender Age Division Bracket
MT SURF Gold 2008G-PR Female U14 U14 GIRLS Bracket A
MT SURF Gold 2007G-PR Female U15 U15 GIRLS Bracket A
MT SURF Gold 2005G-PR Female U17 U17 GIRLS Bracket A
MT SURF Gold 2008B-PR Male U14 U14 BOYS Bracket A
MT SURF Gold 2005B-PR Male U17 U17 BOYS Bracket A

Club Contact Information

Title Name Email/UserID Phone
Administrator Robertson, Doug programdirector@blitzzfc.org 4065997251