The US Youth Soccer Midwest Conference is one of 13 Conferences in the USYS National League within the Multi-State Tier. The Midwest Conference consists of teams primarily from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. The top teams in the Conference can qualify for the next season of National League P.R.O. and earn advancement to the USYS Midwest Regional Championships, part of the USYS National Championship Series.

Field Information & Directions

Venue Fields Schedule
28th Ave 4 Schedule
Ailesbury 1 Schedule
All Saints Catholic Academy 4 Schedule
Anderson Park - Troha Field 1 Schedule
Ann Arbor Airport 6 Schedule
Ann Arbor U of M Mitchell Field 1 Schedule
Appleton- USA Soccer Complex 8 Schedule
Aquinas College - Soccer Field 1 Schedule
Ashwaubenon Sports Complex 1 Schedule
Ashwood Park (Naperville) 2 Schedule
ATI Field Memorial Stadium 1 Schedule
Auburn City Park 1 Schedule
Auburn Hills Avondale High School 1 Schedule
Avila University 1 Schedule
Avondale High School 2 Schedule
Baldwin Street Middle School 1 Schedule
Barnabo Field 1 Schedule
Bavarian United Soccer Club 1 Schedule
BCSC Soccer Complex 1 Schedule
Behm Homestead Park 1 Schedule
Benedictine University Soccer Field 1 Schedule
Berens Park 1 Schedule
Bicentennial Park 24 Schedule
Big Foot Area High School 4 Schedule
Bloomfield Hills Middle School 1 Schedule
BMAC (Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex) 1 Schedule
Borden Park 7 Schedule
Bott Community Park 1 Schedule
Boulan Park 1 Schedule
Braemar Dome 3 Schedule
Braemar Field/Dome 3 Schedule
Brandon Community Field 1 Schedule
Brandon High School 1 Schedule
Breese Stevens Field 1 Schedule
Brewer Park 7 Schedule
Briar Patch Park 1 Schedule
Brickyards Park 1 Schedule
Bridgeview Turf Field #1 3 Schedule
Bridgeview Turf Fields 4 Schedule
Brookfield Central High School 1 Schedule
Brookfield East High School 2 Schedule
Brother Rice High School 1 Schedule
Brownstown Germania Hall 3 Schedule
Brownstown Thorn Park 2 Schedule
Brunswick High School 1 Schedule
Burn's Park Soccer Complex 6 Schedule
Caesar Park 2 Schedule
Calvary Church 8 Schedule
Canlan Sportsplex 1 Schedule
Capital Credit Union Park (GB Booyah Baseball) 1 Schedule
Cardinal Ritter High School 1 Schedule
Carroll High School 1 Schedule
Carthage College 1 Schedule
Cedar Grove-Belgium High School 1 Schedule
Centennial Park 7 Schedule
Central Middle School 1 Schedule
Central Park 1 Schedule
Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex (CVAC) 3 Schedule
Chicago Clark Park 1 Schedule
Chicago Inter Complex 4 Schedule
Christian O'Fallon High School 1 Schedule
Church on the Rock 1 Schedule
CIBC Fire Pitch 2 Schedule
Clark Park 1 Schedule
Clarkston High School 1 Schedule
Clavey Park 1 Schedule
Clawson High School 1 Schedule
Clintonwood Clarkston 3 Schedule
Clyde Bill Bears Memorial Park 1 Schedule
College Boulevard Activity Center (CBAC) 2 Schedule
College of Dupage 1 Schedule
Columbia Rock Bridge High School 1 Schedule
ComEd Rec Center 1 Schedule
Commissioners Park 2 Schedule
Commissioners Park 7 Schedule
Community Park 1 Schedule
Compass Minerals Sporting Fields 12 Schedule
Compass Minnerals National Performance Center 2 Schedule
Concordia University Wisconsin 1 Schedule
Connect 44 Indoor Facility 4 Schedule
Connelly Park 2 Schedule
Countryside Park 2 Schedule
CP Sportsplex 2 Schedule
Creasey Bicentennial Park 3 Schedule
Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex 27 Schedule
Croatian Park 3 Schedule
Crowley Park 7 Schedule
Crown Point Sportsplex 7 Schedule
Crystal Diamonds 2 Schedule
Dakota County Technical College 3 Schedule
Dakota High School 1 Schedule
Danny Cunniff 2 Schedule
Davenport University 1 Schedule
Davenport University Farmers Athletic Complex 1 Schedule
Davenport University Turf Field 1 Schedule
Davison High School 1 Schedule
Deerfield High School 1 Schedule
Deer Run Soccer Complex 10 Schedule
Deer Run Soccer Fields 8 Schedule
Delaney 4 Schedule
Delta College 1 Schedule
Dodds Park Soccer Fields 4 Schedule
Dodge Park 5 Commerce/CW3 Soccer Fields 4 Schedule
Dowling Park Athletic Complex 1 Schedule
Dunbar Park Grass 6 Schedule
Dunbar Park Turf 8 Schedule
Dunbar Turf 1 Schedule
Dynamo FC Complex 3 Schedule
East Carver Dome 1 Schedule
East Lansing Soccer Complex 10 Schedule
EastRidge High School 1 Schedule
Eastside Centre 1 Schedule
East Side Sports Complex 6 Schedule
Elite Sports Complex 13 Schedule
Elm Creek Playfields 1 Schedule
Elmer Lange 6 Schedule
Elmhurst University 1 Schedule
Euclid 2 Schedule
Evansville Sports Complex/Deaconess Sports Park 9 Schedule
Everett Park 1 Schedule
Evolution Sportsplex 3 Schedule
Ewald Soccer Fields 2 Schedule
Faith Community Center 1 Schedule
Fall River High School 1 Schedule
FC Wisconsin sf 2 Schedule
Fields for Kids 1 Schedule
FireFighters park 1 Schedule
Flint Hills Athletic Complex 6 Schedule
Fond du Lac Soccer Complex 1 Schedule
Fort Wayne Sport Club 20 Schedule
Foster Turf Field 1 Schedule
Foxdale Park 3 Schedule
Fox Meadow Fields - (Northfield) 1 Schedule
Francis Howell High School 1 Schedule
Francis Howell North High School 1 Schedule
Frankenmuth High School Varsity Soccer Field 1 Schedule
Franklin Field 2 Schedule
Fraser High School Stadium 1 Schedule
Fraser Total Soccer 1 Schedule
Friendly Hills Park 1 Schedule
Friendly Oaks Park 1 Schedule
Frontier Park (Naperville) 3 Schedule
Frontier Park Sports Complex 4 Schedule
Frontier Sports Complex 7 Schedule
Ft. Howard Park 1 Schedule
Gage Park Field #1 1 Schedule
Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex 9 Schedule
Gentile Field 1 Schedule
Georgetown Soccer Bowl 1 Schedule
Gilcher - Crissman Park 2 Schedule
Glenbard South HS 1 Schedule
Go For It Sports Dome 1 Schedule
Good Templar Park 2 Schedule
Gordon Park 1 Schedule
Grand Blanc Genesee Field House 1 Schedule
Grand Campus 1 Schedule
Grand Park 119 Schedule
Grandview Elementary 1 Schedule
Greendale High School 1 Schedule
Greenmead 8 Schedule
Greenwood Playfields 3 Schedule
Gull Lake High School 1 Schedule
Hachet Memorial Soccer Complex 6 Schedule
Hallmark Soccer Complex 6 Schedule
Hammond Soccer Complex Hammond Academy 1 Schedule
Harding Park 3 Schedule
Harvey Swanson Elementary 1 Schedule
Health East Sports Center 4 Schedule
Health East Sports Center 1 Schedule
HealthEast Sports Center - Blue Fields 3 Schedule
HealthEast Sports Center - Green Fields 2 Schedule
HealthEast Sports Center - Red Fields 6 Schedule
Heartland Park 7 Schedule
Heartland Sports Memorabilia Stadium 2 Schedule
Hefner Fields 15 Schedule
Heritage Park 8 Schedule
Hickory Ridge Soccer Complex 1 Schedule
Hidden Valley Soccer Complex 5 Schedule
Holland Wood Middle School 1 Schedule
Holt High School - North Campus 3 Schedule
Holt Jr Rams Soccer Fields - Holt Old Varsity 3 Schedule
Hoosier FC 3 Schedule
Hudson Soccer Complex 13 Schedule
Hudsonville Freshman Campus Turf Field 1 Schedule
Humboldt High School 1 Schedule
Hurley Park 1 Schedule
Huron Valley Athletic Complex (HVAC) 3 Schedule
Huron Valley Soccer Complex 7 Schedule
Ideal School 1 Schedule
Imagination Glen East 5 Schedule
Imagination Glen West 4 Schedule
Independence Park 24 Schedule
Indiana Invader FC Complex 8 Schedule
Indiana Tech Stadium 1 Schedule
Iowa Western Community College 1 Schedule
ITC Community Sports Park 13 Schedule
Jackson Marino's Park 4 Schedule
James Breen Community Park 2 Schedule
James W. Crowney Soccer Park 1 Schedule
JayCee park Grass 5 Schedule
Jaycee Park Turf 4 Schedule
Johnston Soccer Complex 2 Schedule
Joliet Memorial Stadium 1 Schedule
Joliet West HS 1 Schedule
Jones College Prep 1 Schedule
JR Gerritts Middle School 2 Schedule
Jr. Irish Soccer Complex 19 Schedule
Kalamazoo Soccer Complex 14 Schedule
Karst Farm Park 15 Schedule
Ken Hope Soccer Complex 7 Schedule
Kenneth Hope Sports Complex 7 Schedule
Kensington 2 Schedule
Kettle Moraine High School 2 Schedule
Kingdom Indoor Center 2 Schedule
Kiwanis Park 1 Schedule
Kiwanis Park 1 Schedule
Knigge 1 Schedule
Knoch Park 1 Schedule
Knoch Park Turf 1 Schedule
Kolping Kick Soccer Club 3 Schedule
Lahser High School 1 Schedule
Lake Ann 1 Schedule
Lake Central High School 1 Schedule
Lake Fenton High School 1 Schedule
Lake Forest Academy 1 Schedule
Lakeland High School 1 Schedule
Lakeshore High School 1 Schedule
Lansing Catholic High School 1 Schedule
Lapeer High School 1 Schedule
Lawrence Soccer Complex 31 Schedule
Legacy Center 20 Schedule
Lenox Township 1 Schedule
LFA Training Center 9 Schedule
Lily Cache Fields 4 Schedule
Lippold Park 4 Schedule
Lost Nations Sports Park 1 Schedule
Lost Nations Sports Park - West 1 Schedule
Lou Fusz Soccer Complex 17 Schedule
Lovers Lane Soccer Complex 3 Schedule
Loyola Academy Fields 4 Schedule
LTSC 13 Schedule
Lutheran High School 1 Schedule
Lyon Oaks County Park 2 Schedule
Lyons Township High School 1 Schedule
Lyon Township H.S. 3 Schedule
Madison Area Technical College 1 Schedule
Marian University 1 Schedule
Marie Murphy School 4 Schedule
Marist High School 1 Schedule
Marlowe Middle School 3 Schedule
Marsh Lake 3 Schedule
Marshview Park 1 Schedule
Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex 5 Schedule
McHenry Athletic Complex 5 Schedule
McKinley Park Turf Field 1 Schedule
McMurray Athletic Fields 2 Schedule
Meadows Park 1 Schedule
Mehlville High School 1 Schedule
Memorial Fields 1 Schedule
Mendakota Park 1 Schedule
Michigan Stars Sports Center (MSSC) 10 Schedule
MidAmerican Energy Company RecPlex 3 Schedule
Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex 2 Schedule
Midwest United FC Complex 5 Schedule
Midwest United FC Complex 1 Schedule
Milford High School 1 Schedule
Millennium Middle School(MMS) 1 Schedule
Millennium SA Sportplex 1 Schedule
Mill Valley High School Soccer Field 2 Schedule
Minnetonka High School 3 Schedule
Minnetonka Middle School West 8 Schedule
Missouri Baptist University- Spartan Field 1 Schedule
Missouri Rush Sports Park 10 Schedule
Missouri Soccer Park - Boonville 18 Schedule
Mitchell Field 3 Schedule
Montrose Turf Field 1 Schedule
Morton Park 1 Schedule
MOSH Performance Center 1 Schedule
MSA Fieldhouse 4 Schedule
Mt Hope Park 4 Schedule
Mundy Sportsplex 1 Schedule
Muscatine Soccer Complex 7 Schedule
Naperville Central High School 1 Schedule
Naperville Polo Fields 10 Schedule
Nazareth Academy 1 Schedule
Neenah Memorial Park 1 Schedule
New Community Park 1 Schedule
Newton Park 12 Schedule
NIBCO Soccer Complex 7 Schedule
Nike Park 6 Schedule
Nike Park 1 Schedule
North Sashabaw Elementary School 2 Schedule
Northville Community Park 24 Schedule
Northville Millennium Park 6 Schedule
Oak Brook Central Park -North 6 Schedule
Oak Brook Central Park -TURF 3 Schedule
Oak Brook Park District 1 Schedule
Oak Brook Park District - Kensington 6 Schedule
Oak Brook Park District - Turf 1 Schedule
Oak Brook Polo Fields 2 Schedule
Oak Brook Polo Fields 4 Schedule
Oak Brook Sportscore 9 Schedule
Oakland University 6 Schedule
Oak Lawn Pavilion 1 Schedule
O'Fallon Family Sports Park 28 Schedule
O'Fallon Sports Park 1 Schedule
Okemos High School 1 Schedule
Olathe District Activities Center (ODAC) 4 Schedule
Olympic Park (Sockers FC) 13 Schedule
Park Hill South High School 1 Schedule
Peck North-Persinger 4 Schedule
Peck South 3 Schedule
Pembroke Park 3 Schedule
Peoria FC United - Midwest Sports Complex 3 Schedule
Perrysburg Rte. 199 Fields 2 Schedule
Pine Hills North 8 Schedule
Platte County High School 1 Schedule
Platte County HS 1 Schedule
Plex North 2 Schedule
Plymouth Creek Center 3 Schedule
Plymouth Creek Playfields 2 Schedule
Plymouth Middle School 1 Schedule
Polonia Park 4 Schedule
Portage County Youth Soccer Complex 2 Schedule
Portage Soccer Complex 15 Schedule
Prairie Fest Park (Oswego) 3 Schedule
Prairie Fields Sports Park 3 Schedule
Prairie Ridge Sports Complex 4 Schedule
Premier Park 2 Schedule
Premier Sports Center 1 Schedule
Pritchard Park Stadium 1 Schedule
Prospect Park 2 Schedule
Providence Academy 3 Schedule
Puma Youth Training Center 2 Schedule
PWSB Soccer Complex 3 Schedule
Quarry Point Park 6 Schedule
Ramona Park 1 Schedule
Rantoul Sports Complex 8 Schedule
Raytown Soccer Complex 4 Schedule
Reddan Soccer Park 6 Schedule
Red Hawk Park 1 Schedule
Rice Park Turf Fields 2 Schedule
Rick Hartker Soccer Complex 6 Schedule
Ridgemount Playfields 4 Schedule
River Oaks County Park 16 Schedule
River Road Fields 3 Schedule
Rockford Freshman Center 2 Schedule
Rockford High School-Turf 1 Schedule
Rockford: Sportscore 2 18 Schedule
Roguewood 1 Schedule
RSC Complex 4 Schedule
Rush WI Hwy Q Training Facility 1 Schedule
Saginaw Valley State University 1 Schedule
Saint Louis University High School 1 Schedule
Sanneh Fields 13 Schedule
SASA Soccer Complex 1 Schedule
Scheels Overland Park Soccer Complex 12 Schedule
Schoolcraft College 5 Schedule
SCORe Soccer Complex 8 Schedule
Season Park 3 Schedule
Seat Geek Stadium 1 Schedule
Sedgwick Park 1 Schedule
Shattuck-Saint Mary's School 2 Schedule
Shawnee Mission Soccer Complex 3 Schedule
Shawnee Mission West High School 2 Schedule
Shrine High School 1 Schedule
Skutt Catholic High School - Grass Field 1 Schedule
SLSG Collinsville Complex 1 Schedule
SLYSA Soccer Complex 17 Schedule
Soccer City Palatine 4 Schedule
Soccer Park 5 Schedule
South Berrington Turf 1 Schedule
South Lyon -Bartlett 4 Schedule
South Lyon East 1 Schedule
South Lyon High school 1 Schedule
South Pointe Park 1 Schedule
Spalding University 1 Schedule
Sparta Dome 4 Schedule
Spencer Park 2 Schedule
Sporting Iowa Fieldhouse 3 Schedule
SportPort International 22 Schedule
Sports Complex Heritage Park 1 Schedule
Springfield Park 1 Schedule
Spring Hill Soccer Complex 2 Schedule
Spring Rock Park 2 Schedule
St. Augustine Preparatory Academy 1 Schedule
Sterling Heights Wanda Park 3 Schedule
St. Francis High School 1 Schedule
St. Joes Soccer Dome 1 Schedule
St. Joe's Sports Complex 2 Schedule
St. Mary's High School 1 Schedule
St. Mary's High School 1 Schedule
Stonehaven West Field 1 Schedule
Stryker Sports Complex 11 Schedule
St. Thomas Acquinas High School 1 Schedule
Stuart Sports Complex 5 Schedule
Sunflower Soccer Complex 13 Schedule
Sunset Knoll 1 Schedule
Swope Soccer Village 7 Schedule
TBK 6 Schedule
TBK Bank Sports Complex - Field 7 1 Schedule
The Principia 1 Schedule
The Rock Sports Complex 1 Schedule
The Sports Academy 1 Schedule
Thompson Middle School 1 Schedule
Timberline Soccer Complex 3 Schedule
Tony Glavin Soccer Complex 11 Schedule
Total Soccer 6 Schedule
Total Sports - Wixom 6 Schedule
Trenton Boyd Arthurs Middle School 1 Schedule
Trenton McLouth Park 2 Schedule
Trenton St. Timothy's 1 Schedule
TriCity Sports Complex 1 Schedule
Trinity Ballpark 2 Schedule
Trinity Sports Park 10 Schedule
Tudela Fields 1 Schedule
Tuma Soccer Complex 5 Schedule
Tuma Soccer Complex 4 Schedule
Uihlein Soccer Park 4 Schedule
Union Grove High School 1 Schedule
United Fields 1 Schedule
United Sports Complex 1 Schedule
University High School 1 Schedule
University of St Francis 1 Schedule
UWM Sports Complex 7 Schedule
UW Waukesha 1 Schedule
Valley Park WC STL Home Fields 2 Schedule
Valley Stadium 1 Schedule
Veeck Park 3 Schedule
Veeck Park 1 Schedule
Velodrome 1 Schedule
Venue TBD 1 Schedule
Vernon Hills Athletic complex 2 Schedule
Vernon Hills Athletic Complex 3 Schedule
Vernon Hills High School Turf Field 1 Schedule
Voice of America 1 Schedule
Voigt Soccer Park 3 Schedule
Volunteer Park 1 Schedule
Wales Community Park 1 Schedule
Walker Park 1 Schedule
Wall Park 5 Schedule
Wardcliff Elementary 2 Schedule
Warren County Sports Park 14 Schedule
Warrenton High School 2 Schedule
Waukegan Sports Park 4 Schedule
Waverly Soccer Complex 2 Schedule
Wayzata Central Middle School 1 Schedule
Wayzata High School 6 Schedule
Webster Church 3 Schedule
Weircrest 1 Schedule
Wells High School 1 Schedule
West Hills Middle School 3 Schedule
Westlawn Park Turf Field 1 Schedule
West Park 1 Schedule
West St Paul Dome 4 Schedule
West St. Paul Sports Complex 2 Schedule
Wheeling High School - Turf 1 Schedule
Whitman Turf Field 1 Schedule
Whitnall High School 1 Schedule
Wicklow 1 Schedule
WideWorld Sports Complex 6 Schedule
Williamston High School 1 Schedule
Willow Park - (Northfield) 1 Schedule
Windemere Park-11v11 1 Schedule
Windsor Sports Commons 2 Schedule
Winds Park 1 Schedule
Wisconsin Lutheran College 1 Schedule
Woehrle Athletic Complex 2 Schedule
Woodbury High School 1 Schedule
Woodside Sports Complex 4 Schedule
World Wide Technology Soccer Park 52 Schedule
Zachary Playfields 2 Schedule
ZYSA Complex 56 Schedule