The 2021 Colorado Shootout will take place at the beautiful Dick Sporting Good's Park Complex in Commerce City, CO the home of the Colorado Rapids.

2011B Gold

2011B Silver I

2011B Silver II

2011B Bronze I

2011B Bronze II
2010B Gold

2010B Silver I

2010B Silver II

2010B Bronze I

2010B Bronze II
2009B Gold

2009B Silver
2008B Gold

2008B Silver

09_08B Bronze

2011G Gold

2011G Silver

2011G Bronze
2010G Gold

2010G Silver I

2010G Silver II

2010G Bronze I

2010G Bronze II
2009G Gold

2009G Silver I

2009G Silver II

2009G Bronze
2008G Gold

2008G Silver

2008G Bronze
2007G Gold

2007G Silver

2007G Bronze
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