Addison United Travel Program 2020/2021 (Birth Year 2012 or older)

20/21 (2020-08-01 - 2021-07-31)

Core Program ---- Groups are by Birth Year. Teams will train indoors most Sundays, starting December 6th. Once we transition to the outdoor portion of our season, teams will train 2x/week (starting as close to April 1 as possible). Notes: 1. ALL OUTDOOR INCLUSIONS ARE THE SAME FOR SPRING ONLY/ FULL REGISTRATION. 2. A TRAINING SHIRT IS INCLUDED IN YOUR REGISTRATION. ALL OTHER UNIFORM PIECES ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. 3. TO COMPLETE THIS REGISTRATION YOU NEED TO LOAD YOUR PLAYER'S INSURANCE CARD AND BIRTH CERTIFICATE. 4. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTY. (
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