Futsal League '21 Competitive - Session 2

Competitive Futsal games will be held at Boys & Girls Club, Garden City on Saturday, or Sunday. Following rules apply….... 1. Anyone that has a cough, cold, runny nose or feels sick should stay home. 2. Gym will be limited to 20 players only. Players will have their temperature checked before entering the gym, anyone with a temperature reading of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed in the gym. No parents will be allowed into the building (drop off and pick up only). 3. Players and Coaches are required to wear masks at all times. 4. If you are scheduled on a week night (Mon-Friday), players should not arrive earlier than 6:20pm. Saturday or Sunday players should arrive no more than 10 minutes before game time. 5. Please enter through the south side entrance of the cafeteria, at that time your son/daughter will have their temperature checked before entering the gym. Players will exit via middle gym door located on the southwest corner of the gym. NO one will enter or exit through the main entrance. 6. Competitive players should wear Rush Training gear. Rush staff will also provide colored bibs to form teams. 7. Players are to wear "flats" only, no BOOTS or CLEATS & Players must wear shin pads. 8. Do NOT bring soccer balls. Futsal balls will be provided. 9. Players are not allowed food in the facility. Water is the only drink allowed and personal water should not be shared. Coaches and players are limited to use of gym, cafeteria area and cafeteria restrooms only. We are not allowed access to any other part of the Boys & Girls Club facility at any time.
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