Summer Adult League

20/21 (2021-05-26 - 2021-08-31)

Montana Rush will be hosting an Adult Summer Soccer League to be held at the Siebel Soccer Complex. It is crucial that everyone register ASAP. We will determine if we can justify a program based on the number of registrants. Payments will be processed at the time of registration. Adult Summer League 2020/2021 ***MUST BE OVER 18 (or turn 18 by May 26th .2021)*** League start date: 5/26/2021 for open play. Open play will be on Sundays and Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7 The price of $70 is for play which will include Sunday drop in. You must pay to play, this will be closely monitored. Summer League is a new program and you must register, your registration from winter program does not qualify for Summer League play. Registrations will not be accepted on a show up basis. Plan accordingly, you must be registered a 24 hours prior to your first day of play. If you would like to form your own team please note that on the registration form. Officials will not be monitoring your games. A facilitator who monitors the games and the facility will be present at all times. . The facilitator will also be checking that all players are registered. A game schedule will be created and posted once teams are formed the plan is to have games beginning the first week of July. Shin guards are required to be worn, unless you sign the waiver which allows you not to wear them.
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