Indiana Soccer grants permission for this player to play out of State for the 2021-2022 Season. -Player is in good standing. -Player has not participated in National Championship Series or National Presidents Cup Games.

21/22 (2021-07-07 - 2022-07-31)

This form must be completed by all players/coaches requesting permission to participate with a State Association other than the State in which they reside as well as by any players/coaches moving from one State Association to another during the Seasonal Year. If using this Form, it is the responsibility of those seeking approval to participate in another state to submit the appropriate approval to parties within both the releasing and accepting State Associations. Indiana Soccer no longer requires a fee/payment for processing Out-of-State Permission to Play forms. US Youth Soccer Rule 201 requires that a youth player register each seasonal year in the State Association in which he/she resides with his/her parent(s) /guardian(s). A youth player wishing to participate with a team from a State Association other than the state in which they reside must receive written permission from both State Associations prior to participation. ONCE APPROVED – all insurance on this player will be covered by the accepting state association.
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