Final Third Camp

21/22 (2021-05-11 - 2021-08-28)

This Camp puts a twist on the traditional finishing camp and is geared toward competitive players on both sides of the ball that are at the “11v11” ages. Rarely is there a camp that appeals to both attacking minded and defensive minded players. We will be focusing on attacking and defending in the final third by incorporating situations with unbalanced numbers…3v2, 2v3, 2v1, 1v2, etc. These sessions will be focused on both the technical AND tactical approaches to these overload situations from the perspective of defenders AND attackers. Most importantly, scenarios will be switched to allow defenders to go to goal every now and then against the attackers. This is a great opportunity for players who are committed to the game to gain tactical experience in the final third. Groups will be based off of abilities and age. The camp will be run by Sean Elvert, Director of Goalkeeping and head coach of the 02 boys Academy (ECNL) team. Sean is also a former college head coach.
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