Addison United Fall Program 2020

20/21 (2020-08-01 - 2020-10-11)

Fall Program Groups & DRAFT Training Schedule are by grade. Teams will practice 2x/week starting August 31st. K (W+Th 530-630) 1-2 (M+Tu 530-630) 3-4 (Girls M+W 530-7; Boys Tu+Th 530-7) 5-6 (Girls M+W 530-7; Boys Tu+Th 530-7) 7-8 (Girls M+W 530-7; Boys M+Tu 530-7) Scheduled nights & times may changes depending on player & coach availability. -- Games are Sundays September 13th - October 11th. --We do need volunteers to help support the teams, please get in touch for more information --A GAME UNIFORM SHIRT IS INCLUDED IN YOUR REGISTRATION. Players will be expected to provide their own black shorts & green socks for their game uniform. Addison United SC has these items for sale. If you would like to purchase them choose the payment option that includes the "UNIFORM PACK." ---**** TO COMPLETE THIS REGISTRATION YOU NEED TO LOAD YOUR PLAYER'S INSURANCE CARD. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTY. **** ---Use code EXTRAKIDFALL for discounts on multiple child per family registration.
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