FALL REC - Martin United Fall Recreational Soccer 2021 - 2002(U19) thru 2018 (U4)

21/22 (2021-07-19 - 2021-09-30)

Martin United's Recreational program provides children 4u thru 18u (birth years 2002-2013) the opportunity to have fun as they play and learn the game of soccer. Children and teenagers in our Recreational program will gain a better understanding of the game of soccer, and develop dribbling, passing, shooting, and defending skills. They will also create new relationships, and become part of a community club. All teams are coached by community volunteer parent coaches who give their time to help the community's youth to have fun and learn about team sports. Fall Recreational Soccer Program Players will be grouped by year of birth in two-year age increments, gender specific as numbers allow. Players will be placed on teams which will compete in the Treasure Coast Soccer League (TCSL) against other local Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) affiliated soccer clubs. League play is scheduled to begin on the 19th September and runs through until the weekend of 20th/21st of November. After this last week of the fall league season on Nov 20/21st, the TCSL hosts a soccer tournament "TCSL World Cup" for recreational soccer players at local parks in Martin County. The tournament is scheduled to be held on December 11th/12th 2021. Program Description - 12u and younger The 9u thru 12u (birth years 2009-2012) age groups training format emphasizes enhanced skills development. The focus of practice is the development of individual fundamental soccer skills, including passing, dribbling, receiving the ball, and moving without the ball. Games provide players with an opportunity to use the skills they have acquired, without placing importance on the results of the game. Players must be allowed to make mistakes, without being chastised, so they can learn from mistakes. Per US Youth Soccer mandates, all FYSA affiliated clubs are not permitted to allow heading at the 12u age group and younger in recreational soccer. Players born in the year of 2010 or later (2011, 2012 etc.) are mandated by US Youth Soccer not to head the ball in at all in FYSA training events or league games facilitated by Martin United and the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA). Program Description - 13u and older The 13u thru 18u (birth years 2003-2009) age groups are organized for traditional team play. Practices are geared toward all skill levels, and games are played in the spirit of fun and healthy competition. The league may play 7v7 or 9v9 to promote players to have more touches of the ball in a game environment. The league may play full sided, 11v11. Ultimately, the number of players per side will be determined by the number of players and teams registered. Heading is allowed in these age groups. Micro Program 8U and younger Fees include uniform / ball / training. "Fall" starts 8//25/2021 and ends 11/20/2021. Mighty Micros - 4u/5u/6u - $150 - Games Weds & Fridays - 6pm through 6.45pm. Super Micros - 7u (2015) / 8u (2014) - $150 - Games Weds & Fridays - 6.45pm thru 7.30pm. Wednesday training at Charlie Leighton Park. Friday games at Charlie Leighton Park Recreational Program Format The Fall Recreation program will follow youth soccer guidelines mandated by US Soccer. * 10u - 7v7 (max) on a 10u field * 12u - 9v9 (max) on a 12u field * 14u - 8v8 on a 12u field (11v11 on full field is possible) * 18u - 7v7 on a 12u field (11v11 on full field is possible) Number of players per side and field size are subject to change based on the number of player and team registrations. Season Schedule * Pre-Season Age Group Conditioning U9 (2013) thru U19 (2002): Monday 8/24/2021, 8/26/2021 and 9/1/2021. Social distancing guidelines per CDC, USYS and FYSA for practices. Seasonal uniforms and soccer ball, for all fall season games and training sessions will be "handed out" at these three conditioning sessions. * Training Site: Monday and Wednesday @ Charlie Leighton Park. * Team Practices: First team practice 9/6/21 & 9/8/2021 @ Charlie Leighton Park * Team practice times: * 6:00-7:30 - 12u and younger * 7:30-9:00 - 13u and older * TCSL League Season: 18th September 2021 thru 11/20 November 2021. * TCSL Games: Saturdays, some week nights for rain out reschedules and occasional Sundays for rain outs. * TCSL World Cup: second weekend in December 12th/13th 2021 @ Martin County Parks locations. Team Formation / Coaches During pre-season conditioning, players will be drawn lottery style to form teams. Teams will be coached by volunteer coaches. These coaches will receive training by the club and be provided with a curriculum to follow. Parents can volunteer via the registration portal. All volunteers must be background checked by FYSA, complete the CDC Heads Up concussion awareness course. The club is happy to help all volunteers to complete an online FYSA grass roots youth soccer coaching education. Training booklets will also be shared with volunteer coaches. Are primary objective is for our coaches to ensure our players enjoy playing the game of soccer. Registration Fees / Deadlines Boys and Girls 10u (2013 & 2012) - $150 Boys and Girls 12u (2011 & 2010) - $150 Boys and Girls 15u-19u. (2007 & 2002) - $150 Many players return every year. Register early to ensure a position in our program. * Registration deadline to guarantee uniform for season start: FRIDAY, 8/20/2021 * Latest registration date is Thursday, 09/30/2021 Player registration includes a full uniform and a appropriate sized soccer ball (one shirt, one pair shorts and one pair socks), one soccer ball, referee fees for league play, and team entry into the TCSL World Cup tournament. All players will receive an age appropriate sized soccer ball. Players must bring shin guards, worn inside the socks, cleats, and plenty of water to each practice and game. There is a minimum playing time of 50% in games for all recreational players. We look forward to another successful Fall Recreation season. Thank you for joining and supporting Martin United! Please email martinunitedsc@gmail.com with any questions.
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