CUSC Winter 2022 Indoor Rec Soccer - Session 1

21/22 (2022-01-09 - 2022-02-13)

Rec Soccer is for Boys and Girls *The governor of NY has issued a mask mandate on all indoor gatherings till January 15th. At this point we will have to wear masks for our first meeting. There are three sessions Hour (1) 9am - 10am is for Boys: 2016 - 2014 Birth year Hour (2) 10am - 11am is for Boys: 2013 - 2011 Birth year Hour (3) 11am - 12pm is for Girls: 2016 - 2011 Birth year Rec Indoor soccer is all about the players getting some exercise, playing soccer and having fun. The players will meet at their designated time and will do a quick warm up with one of our professional coaches. The coaches will then separate them into teams and play small sided games. We will be playing at NYMA's Gym. Directions and instructions will be sent before the starting date. To participate in this program your player will need shin guards, wear sneakers or indoor soccer shoes (no cleats or turf shoes) and bring water. *We will not be asking for Volunteers for this program *Cost is $65 *There are only 36 initial spots for each hour, please register ASAP ****This is a drop off event. One of the coaches will check the players in and out at the door of the gym. Instructions will be sent before we start.
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