Dunedin Stirling SC Spring 1 - 2022 - Pre-Academy Program

21/22 (2022-01-06 - 2022-02-25)

Registration for Dunedin Stirling Soccer Club - Pre-Academy (2-4 years old). IMPORTANT: GotSport is a new registration platform for all clubs and players. Your previous GotSoccer account has not transferred over. Therefore, please try the following options: 1) If you think you have an account and don't remember your login, select "Forgot my password" and a reset email will be generated to you. 2) If you do not receive the reset email or see an error, please create a new account in the system for you and your child(ren). For any additional assistance please don't hesitate to contact us at bod@dunedinsoccer.com. Thank you
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