2021 Souderton Soccer Travel Tryouts Registration

21/22 (2021-03-09 - 2021-04-16)

Souderton Area Soccer Association travel program would like to welcome you to our travel team soccer tryout registration for the 2021/2022 fall season! To those who have been with us for years now and those who are new to the community, we would like to thank you for choosing Souderton and being a part of our community. We know there are many different clubs out there for you to choose from, so thank you for choosing us. The Souderton soccer travel program is organized by age (birth year) and gender. It provides a highly competitive training and playing environment for those players who have the required athletic ability, technical skills, commitment, and attitude to meet the demands placed upon them. All Souderton soccer travel teams play at a competitive level and therefore, making the team must be earned based on the individual's play. Travel soccer playing time is based on the team’s needs and is at the coach’s discretion. During this tryout period, players will be evaluated by the team coaching staff. Players will be evaluated on their team building skills, technical skills, commitment, effort, and attitude. Final decisions are at the discretion of the coaches. Again, the Souderton soccer travel program would like to thank you for choosing our club! GOOD LUCK!!
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