2021 Player Registration - Fall Travel Soccer

21/22 (2021-07-01 - 2021-12-31)

The Fall Travel program is administered by the same company, Rhode Island Youth SuperLiga (RIYSL), that administers the Spring Travel Program. Traditionally, the RIYSL Fall Travel program has about 30-40% of the players/teams that the Spring Travel program traditionally has. MYSC traditionally has about 15-20 teams registered in the Spring Travel program across the U8-U19 age groups, and about 3 or 4 teams registered to play in the Fall Travel program across the U10-U12 age groups. There are four Fall Travel age groups for 2021, they are Girls U10, Girls U12, Boys U10, Boys U12 Because MYSC primarily focuses on the Fall Rec program during the Fall, there is much less emphasis placed on trying to identify Coaches for the Fall Travel program. If Coaches do not actively identify/register themselves as a Fall Travel coach, we will not have a Fall Travel team in that age group (See Next Topic…) TEAM FORMATION: Because there are no tryouts/player evaluations, players will be assigned to Fall Travel teams strictly based on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that Fall Travel teams can have a much broader “Quality Spread” of players than in the Spring, especially if there is only one team. What happens if we have enough registered players to form more than one Fall Travel team in any given age group? - If we DO have enough Coaches registered to form more than one Fall Travel team, we will work with the Coaches of the teams to assign players based on their skill level / athleticism / etc. and not for social reasons. - If we DO NOT have enough Coaches registered to form more than one Fall Travel team, players will be assigned up to the max roster size based strictly on a first-come, first-served basis, without exceptions. The MYSC policy that governs players that wish to potentially Play Up to an older age group in the Spring Travel Program applies to the Fall Travel Program. UNIFORMS: Because there will potentially be some players registered for the Fall Travel season that either would have Spring Travel uniform number conflicts, or do not have a Spring Travel uniform, MYSC issues all players registered for the RIYSL Fall Travel season the following equipment: - A numbered “Middletown Blue” t-shirt with the MYSC logo on the front - A single pair of black socks Players are responsible for providing their own shorts. There is no requirement for parents/players to purchase a Spring Travel uniform set to play in the Fall Travel program, nor should Fall Travel Coaches “encourage” players/parents to do so.
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