Winter-Spring Hurricane Travel Soccer

21/22 (2021-07-01 - 2022-08-31)

Hurricane Travel Soccer teams are entered into 3rd Division ISL Travel. We allow only 4 players from 9v9 formation (U12 and below) to play up on a 11v11 formation, per team! Our teams are limited space and if you do not register (at the minimum fee) from our invitation to play on a team after 3 days of receiving the invitation, we will move on to the next athlete! Travel athletes will be contracted with Hurricane Soccer for the year upon registering! Seasonal players wishing to be released from the contract will need a parent to write an email to their Team Manager with specifics on why their player should be released, and to what specific club and/or team. Both our Select and Travel program fees include Winter Futsal at Concordia Seminary's Gymnasium. Teams may decide to do optional out-of-pocket costs (ie. indoor soccer, extra tournaments, etc)
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