Twin Cities Rush Soccer Club Competitive Program 2021/22

21/22 (2021-07-18 - 2022-07-23)

The Twin Cities Rush Competitive Program offers year-round player development opportunities for the most enthusiastic, committed and talented soccer players, ages U9-U19. The goal of the Competitive Program is to develop players to their highest level both on and off the field. Twin Cities Rush prides itself on offering a level of play for every committed soccer player with a strong emphasize on work rate, desire to learn and personality. As such, every Competitive team, regardless of level, has a professional coach and support from age group coordinators. YEAR-ROUND DEVELOPMENT MODEL* Twin Cities Rush is committed to providing exceptional development for its players. In order to achieve this, the club offers year-round training and playing opportunities for any player who is committed to improving. It doesn't matter if you are on a top team or are just starting out; Players of all abilities will have access to high quality development opportunities throughout the year to help them reach their full potential. *Now offering fall only options at U9-U10 - click on the program information for Academy for more information
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