4v4 Futbolito

21/22 (2021-08-01 - 2021-12-31)

Teams will apply to the league as complete teams. It is a 4v4 league which means you only need 4 players minimum to play, but it is recommended to carry 6 players on your roster. You may have up to 8 players maximum join your team. Fall> Signups begin now and close on August 1st. Season will consist of 6-8 games in the fall and have an opening day of September 8th or 9th. The season will end after the 6-8 games have been played. We are thinking it should end shortly after Halloween & definitely before Thanksgiving. Format: 4v4 (no goalies) 2x20 minute halves with a 5 minute half-time The coaches, or a team representative from each team will ref the games (recommended to share each half of the game). Half-way line will serve as a build-out line in order to play with the ball and get it into play quickly without pressure. No Throw-ins. Players will pass the ball into play. Opponents must give player with the ball some room to inbound the ball. (3 feet is recommended)
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